Small Groups

Lifeline2Freedom Small Groups 

Insight: Discover the Path to Christian Character

Since most people, if not all are struggling in some area of their life, this group can benefit any person who is open to the Lord’s working in their life to overcome their struggles. This group will help participants discover how life-controlling problems develop and help them to learn how to identify the spiritual and emotional conditions that contribute to a problem taking root and growing in their life or their loved one’s life.

9 Sessions

Completely Free

This is for anyone who wants to mature in their faith in Christ. No matter where you are in your faith, new or veteran believer, this group will help you to understand the importance of knowing and understanding God’s will, instead of focusing on the problems in life that bring continual discouragement. So, if you are ready to let go of your problems and focus on God’s plan for your life, this study in Romans will help you to accomplish this by becoming “Completely Free” in Christ Jesus!

12 Sessions

Concerned Persons Group

This group is for anyone who is suffering the consequences of a loved one’s life-controlling problems. The group’s sessions are designed to encourage and strengthen each participant in God’s love, as they receive comfort from Him to face their problems head on.  This will allow them to be able to pass that same ministry on to their troubled loved ones and others in a way that gives God the glory.

9 Sessions

Fearless Forgiveness

When we choose to live with unforgiveness our choice nearly always leads to bitterness, broken relationships, and unhealthy behaviors. Making the choice not to forgive will not only sabotages our relationships with those around us, but it can also hinder our spiritual growth, destroy our inner-peace, and steal our joy. This study will help you to understand how God wants to transform your way of looking at forgiveness and as a result empower you to live in the freedom and joy of genuine and resilient forgiveness.

10 Sessions

Resilience: Finding Inner Strength in Impossible Situations

Resilience is a study designed to help participants gain life skills in bouncing back from life’s challenges. When you accept Christ as your Savior, God has made it possible for you to live a life of peace and joy, as you become more like Christ. Yet, as many Christians experience trials, they are not always equipped with the knowledge that they need to persevere with complete confidence that God is going to work things out for their good.  (Romans 8:28) This study will take you on a journey  through some tough and challenging roads, that will equip you with the knowledge that you will need to experience resilience in your life as you face life’s challenges.

10 Sessions

Anger: Our Master or Our Servant

As we grow in our faith in Jesus Christ, it is important that we understand how to biblically manage and express our emotions in a way that brings glory to God. Yet for many Christians, it is hard to deal with the emotion of anger. With spousal abuse, child abuse, violence, depression, and other problems on the rise in our culture, our feelings of anger toward those responsible for these problems can easily overwhelm and master us. During this study, we will look at some biblical principles on how to manage our anger in a godly way as we focus on God’s purpose and plan for our lives.

9 Sessions

Godly Heroes

Godly Heroes is a verse-by-verse study of Hebrews 11. This study is designed to help each participant build the character of Christ in their life by studying the lives of the heroes listed in this chapter. While heroes today are known for their great strength, bold exploits, and notable achievements, these godly heroes are known because they were commended by God for their faith to do what He required of them even when they could not see the outcome. As we study the lives of these godly heroes, we will look at scripture that will help us to grow in our faith, so that we too can become heroes of the Faith.

13 Sessions