Small Groups

Lifeline2Freedom Small Groups 

I.  Setting the Course


With its emphasis on developing Christian character, this group is designed to enhance each participant's understanding of life-controlling issues in themselves and others.  

9 Sessions

II.   Getting in Shape

Free To Grow

This group study is designed to help participants move beyond setbacks and problems that may be hindering their spiritual growth. 

12 Sessions

III.    Moving Forward

Choose from the Appropriate Ministry

1.   Behaviors

 Concerned Persons

The purpose of this study is to help participants learn how to help their loved ones who are struggling with life controlling problems in a way that brings glory to God.

9 Sessions

2.   Emotions

Anger: Our Master or Our Servant

This group is designed to help participants learn how to deal with anger  in a way that pleases God.

9 Sessions

Understanding Depression

This study is designed to help individuals  understand the different types of depression, and how they can overcome depression by focusing on the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and prayer.  

9 Sessions

Handling Loss and Grief

While using scripture to identify Biblical coping methods, and to provide comfort to those who have faced loss; this study will help those individuals who are grieving, to see death and loss from God’s perspective.

9 Sessions

Coping With the Losses of Life 

The goal of this course is to identify the troublesome areas of losses and disappointments in life, and to equip each participant with the knowledge that they will need to deal with them in a godly way.

9 Sessions

Walking In Freedom

This study on the book of James provides practical guidance on how we can live a life free from life-controlling problems.

12 Sessions

Facing Fear, Finding Faith*

If you or your loved one is controlled by anxiety, fear, or worry,  this study is for you.  As a participant, you will receive Scripture to increase your faith, and your knowledge of God's Word as you learn to exchange fear for faith.

10 Sessions

The Ten Commandments

This powerful study is designed to help participants gain an awareness of the importance of the Ten Commandments in today's society.

11 Sessions


3.   Relationships


This group will help participants understand how to resolve conflict in a way that glorifies God.

13 Sessions

Committed Couples

Committed Couples is a group for married or engaged couples who want to gain an  understanding of God's perfect plan for marriage and family. 

13 Sessions

IV.    Staying On Course

Knowing God My Father

This group is designed to help participants strengthen their relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

9 Sessions

Godly Heroes

This verse by verse study of Hebrews Chapter 11 explores the characteristics of the heroes of the Bible.    

13 Sessions

Where is the Image of God in You?*

This study is designed to help  participants strengthen their relationship with their heavenly Father.  

13 Sessions